I provide UI/UX design for agencies and startups.

I’m Michael a UI/UX designer based in Portland OR. Creative Director at Copious.

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You're an agency founder or business owner

You're looking to collaborate with an experienced design director that can hit the ground running. A great portfolio is just icing on the cake, what you’re really looking for is someone who can:

  • Articulate a creative vision AND see it through from idea to end deliverable.
  • Immediately feel comfortable using collaboration and design tools like Slack, Asana, InVision, and Sketch.
  • Inspire and motivate teams to create great work together, while challenging themselves to grow.
  • Focus on outcome driven designs that can be tied to business growth metrics and future iterations.

For over 10 years I’ve been helping agencies and businesses do these very things. Through research, strategy, and design we’ll create the foundation to take your business to the next level. Whether that means increased sales or an improved user experiences – I can help you get there.

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I share everyday moments on Instagram , my thoughts on Medium , and what I am currently designing on Dribbble . For work experience, find me on LinkedIn.


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