About Me

A quick history of what I’ve been up to

I’ve worked with creatives and developers to build experiences that are memorable and user-friendly.

What I've Done


Over 10 years of various agency roles

For over 10 years I’ve been fortunate enough to work at many agencies, some large, some tiny and all of them specialized. From roles as a production designer to leading as creative director, I’ve experienced just about every scenario and project type.

My favorite kind of work is collaborating with developers and fellow designers to create digital products/websites that create measurable results for our clients.

I love working with clients who have a vision to enhance their customers’ lives in some way. I love the process of idea generation, prototyping, and designing experiences.

Currently living in Portland Oregon; enjoying the beautiful pacific northwest.

Born and raised in Santa Ana, California, design and a wonderful woman has led me from the sunny shores of Long Beach to the green landscapes of Portland, Oregon.

I enjoy frolf, hiking, running and enjoying any sun I can get. If I’m not outdoors, I'm playing video games , reading design articles on Medium , surfing Product Hunt , and finding things to back on Kickstarter.