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UX Design

Establishing a new legal practice

Creating a website that demonstrated expertise was a very important first step, especially for a law firm representing creatives and startups.

Located in the San Francisco bay area, a market highly saturated with services that cater to start-ups, it was necessary to create a brand that spoke to the industry.

To establish his extensive knowledge in this industry, it was important to show his already frequent involvement with well known companies in this space.


Attracting the right customers

A law firm dedicated to serving creative agencies and startup clients required a deviation from the standard grey and blue palettes of old corporate law firms.

By focusing on clean design and non-traditional law firm layouts, the website attracts the clients Groundwork seeks to acquire.

Highlight attorney Gabe Levine

Principal attorney Gabe Levine is a frequent industry speaker at events for entrepreneur talks and conferences. He is also famously known for his presentation with Mike Monterio titled “F*ck you pay me” at Creative Mornings.

In an industry that is mostly referral based, it was important to let potential clients understand the man behind the brand.

Showing expertise through education

The world of contracts in the creative/startup world are new to most founders. Giving the team at Groundwork a platform to share knowledge about industry-specific scenarios and potential complications has been a huge help in acquiring client trust.

Giving Groundwork a platform to share knowledge about industry specific scenarios and potential complications has been a huge help in acquiring client trust.


Project discoveries made

The world of creative and startup business law is highly specific to each case. A website to cater to any number of potential client cases isn’t easy.

During the creation of copy for the website, many design revisions needed to be made to accommodate the continual slimming of content. As designers we generally want to solve problems visually, however in cases like GroundWork Legal, it’s best to allow a client inquiry to clear up specific questions.

It was important to remember that a business runs in it’s best interest. If I create any layout, animations, design assets, or pages that aren’t essential to helping the business save time or make money, it isn’t necessary.