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An agency needing to show its capabilities

Monumental had been helping businesses in Portland grow for the last five years. However that was around the same time they built their last website.

The brand had grown, the client list improved and their philosophy had changed. These reflections prompted the much needed redo. By focusing on what had improved, the foundation for the website began.


Attracting the right clients

With over 50 studios and agencies in Portland, it's important to reach the clientele that is right for your services.

Monumental’s business focuses on taking clients who are ‘homegrown’ and turning them into commercial successes. Images of teamwork, large text and plenty of explanation helped Monumental reach the clients they aimed to serve.

Case studies to demonstrate expertise

Monumental creates visual products, whether they are e-commerce websites or custom app developments, showing this work in beautiful ways is the heart of the website.

The first Shopify Plus Experts in Oregon

A bulk of Monumental’s client list features those who have gravitated to them because of their status as "Shopify Plus Experts."

Explaining to potential clients the what and why of Shopify, is the difference between a bounced page view and a scheduled call.


Project discoveries made

Designing an agency’s website can be difficult for a number of reasons.

Getting any agency or studio to agree on elements such as voice, tone, color, layout and visual identity is incredibly difficult. As experts in the field, there are many voices and opinions on the ‘correct’ way of doing any of the aforementioned things.

I learned that getting to the root of each person’s opinion, "the why" of the comment, allowed me to generally make the right decision. This helped resolve each suggestion regardless of how it was implemented.