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Business cards for creators, innovators and entrepreneurs

A business card is about more than just contact information. It’s about legitimacy.

Unfortunately for many new businesses the options are low quality paper stock, outdated designs and lack customization. CardSnap’s goal is to provide these creative individuals with an easy way to design their own card that is as unique as their business.


From creation to shipping

All CardSnap business cards are ready for print and shipment.

In order to provide the ultimate value, CardSnap partners with a national printing company that delivers high quality, great color matching, and fast drop shipment.

Card template selection

Users can choose card templates based off category or tags. Default pricing and card options allow users to quickly scan and find a card within their price range. After a card is chosen they may begin editing their selection.


Card template editor

The focus of the CardSnap service is the card editor which provides users with the ability to customize nearly every aspect of the card. If users don’t want to edit the design, they can lock the design and simply change the text of the card.

Card shipped to your door

The last step in the card creation process is payment and shipping. Prompting users to choose card options after the card is designed gives them finishing options and card stocks that will work best with the design they’ve chosen.

Project discoveries made

When working on minimal viable products, focus on the core of the product.

As with most new digital products, there was a large list of potential features to be included for the launch. By focusing on the core of the product, determining which of those features would best gather users became obvious.