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Orox Leather Goods

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Taking their online business to the next level

Orox leather is a luxury leather goods maker from Portland Oregon, most known for their sandals, bags, and purses. While their brick and mortar location is successful their online store needed attention.

With a majority of their business coming from retail sales, it was time to turn their attention to their online store as their business grows.


Changing the overall brand perception

Although Orox is featured in just about every Portland travel list, the brand perception is that they are only a small family business. Despite being family run, the products they sell and the revenue they generate is anything but small.

To match the high quality and handmade nature of each leather good, a new look was created to demonstrate the artistry of each product.

Explaining each product in detail

As with any high-end product, showing details, craftsmanship and selling the lifestyle associated with the product is important to drive sales.

Sharing the story of the product and how it is made has made a huge difference for the the Oaxacan family of leather makers.


Sharing the Orox family tradition

One family’s journey from humble beginnings in Oaxaca Mexico began with making sandals and baseball equipment. Now, four generations later, the family business is thriving.

As consumers continue to have more options and access to high quality niche products, a company with a passion to their craft is a large part of the sales funnel for their customers.

Showcasing the beauty of each product

All Orox leather goods will last for generations if cared for. Combine that with timeless looks and you have goods that are beautiful to behold.

To match the feeling of the product there are no frivolous animations, patterns or design elements to distract from anything other than the craftsmanship of Orox leather goods.

Project discoveries made

Sometimes the most time-consuming option, is the best option.

There are so many tools available today to increase the speed of design and development, but sometimes you still need to do things manually. When you run into a scenario where there is no tool to help you speed up the process for a specific issue, you naturally want to go against that idea.

Cutting out objects, color correcting, and fixing blemishes on photos are things no designer looks forward to doing. With well over 100 products in the Orox store it took a long time to do so. However in the end, each product is showcased as beautiful as they are to hold.